Decentralized file storage, smarter

Hyperboost your Decentralized Applications

What's possible
with Cherry

True Ownership

Enjoy censorship-resistant control over your digital assets, backed by cryptographic proofs, and enforced by a distributed stake-based consensus.

Trustless Access

Construct complex authorization abstractions to set who can view your data and what can they do with it, through non-authoritative native runtime executions.

Decentralized CRUD

Read and write files on a network of distributed storage providers directly from runtime system calls in the Cherry Virtual Machine.

How it works

Cherry Storage

A peer-to-peer file storage module designed to store and distribute large amounts of data, while keeping content private and secure - powered by IPFS

Cherry Virtual Machine

A powerful new smart contract platform to build and run advanced decentralized applications


Decentralized applications within the Cherry Ecosystem leverage the network's native features to seamlessly develop advanced use-cases that are stable, scalable, and cheap to operate.
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Why Cherry?

Cherry is the first truly trustless file system.
Decentralized layer-one blockchain purpose built to sustain the data needs of web3 applications.
Develop web3 like never before

Developer Productivity

Cherry abstracts the complexities of developing web3 applications to its core. Build on top of optimized and stable features native to the Cherry Network. Spend less time reinventing the wheel, and focus on building better products for your users.


Enjoy a highly optimized layer-one and a powerful layer-2 that does not come at the expense of decentralization or security. Transact at lightning speeds, boundless throughput, for cheap, forever.


Deploy your old solidity code to Cherry Network, or simply connect your dApp on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Tron - or most other general purposes blockchains - with Cherry Interoperability Channels. Easily start leveraging Cherry for parts or all of your dApps and breathe new life to your smart contracts.


Pseudonymously access network resources through a unified network-wide identity management system. Leverage advanced cryptographic constructs in zkRollup smart contract architecture for off-chain privacy-preserving executions.

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Cherry is designed for high-throughput, low-latency trustless media operations.
An ample SDK and modular approach promote stability and usability while its novel decentralized architecture ensures security at scale.

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Cherry is an open-source initiative founded on decentralized principles and democratic governance. Join its global community of explorers and adventurers seeking a better future for all.
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