Open-Source Transparent Economics

An open monetary system for an open community. Access advanced network features and earn by securing the network.

Run a Cherry Node

Staking Rewards

Earn up to 40% APY on staked CHER, and set your own fee for accepting delegations to your node.

Secure a Growing Network

New applications and assets are launching on Cherry every day. Sustain their growth and earn from their use.

Share Idle Compute

Connect your hardware to a worldwide marketplace of users who need their files to be stored and their functions to be executed.


Participate in the distributed consensus based open-source transparency and mutual incentives - powered by the Cherry Token.

Cherry Staking Estimator

Cherry Stake
Yearly Reward*
40 %
*Estimate based on: total tokens staked on mainnet; range of validator fees charged; assumed 100% validator uptime. Actual rewards may vary.

Join our Official Token Sale

Current phase: Private and Public Sale compleyed, Initial Token Offering successfully launched

$CHER is now available at:
Pancake Swap Link
LaToken Link
Zt Global Exchange
Dodo Exchange

Delve Deeper in Cherry's Economics

Interested in learning about Cherry Token's circulating supply, total supply, and inflation rate? Curious about the token sale's allocation, distribution, vesting rules? Review our documentation

The Treasury


As a Decentralized Autonomous Organization,

Cherry is governed by its community members who vote and execute decisions on the future of the project. One of the main tasks of the DAO is to administer a monthly budget of 2 million CHER.
The Cherry Treasury was established to guarantee funding for the Cherry Project and community proposals in perpetuity.
While 2 million CHER are available to be distributed each month, they must be allocated to a specific proposal by the DAO through the governance system.
This means that while a maximum of 2 million CHER may be unlocked monthly, the DAO has final say about how many tokens it will reward the proposals it approved. The unclaimed remainder will be burned and removed from the Cherry Token supply forever.

Join the Movement

Cherry is an open-source initiative founded on decentralized principles and democratic governance. Join its global community of explorers and adventurers seeking a better future for all.
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